Ladies and Gentlemen

We warmly invite you to cooperate in presenting a photographic exhibition. We offer an exhibition of Zbigniew Polit a photographer from Poland. The theme of the exhibition is Polish landscape, and it is dominated by a wide panorama. Exhibitions of ruins of castles, old machinery and aerial acrobatics are being prepared.

- All images are adhered to a rigid board and framed in a wooden frame with gr.15 mm. and passe -partout

- Printed on Epson printers, the amount of works 40 - 80, to be agreed

- The shorter side of each photograph is 40 or 60cm - to be negotiated. Longer even up to 160cm

- The catalog of works delivered by us in a required number of copies

- We expect to deliver invitations to regular audience (if you practice this form of promotion), print and put up posters and, if necessary, cover the postage of  the exhibition (Jaroslaw).

Entry to the exhibition on the Internet:

Please suggest convenient date and your conditions.


Zbigniew Polit

An inventor, teacher, journalist and satirist, producer of screen printing machines. He took up ambitious photography in 1970s. But later he completely devoted himself to the development of his family and company. For several years, he has been photographing very intensely. He is interested particularly in photographing landscapes, ruins of castles and paintings of old machines. Recently it is also aerobatics. He believes that viewers are divided into 2 groups: those who looking at a photograph analyze only its technical aspects, and those who go through the picture and read the author's intentions. He belongs to the second group. He also believes that the work of an amateur just dealing with artistic creativity is more important than the created work.


With regards,

Agnieszka Loza, manager.

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